About Us

What is Rudy’s Tees?

Rudy’s Tees is based out of Northport New York, as you can probably tell by some of our main designs. In addition to creating those conversation-starting, quirky, creative t-shirts that everybody loves to wear, Rudy’s Tees introduces “Real Vintage”. By taking the many old, forgotten businesses that formed Northport Village in the late 1890’s, and turning them into a t-shirt design.

But wait a minute, who is Rudy?

Rudy is a West Highland Terrier… that’s right, Rudy is a dog! However, he is not just any dog, Rudy is a fun-loving, energetic snowball of affection that has brought my family much comfort and joy over the years. Watching and being prone to his tail-wagging excitement as family members walk into our home has been proven to melt away all of the day’s anxieties. He isn’t just a dog- he is truly a man’s best friend, so I decided to build his legacy.

At Rudy’s Tees, we strive for comfort and happiness, just like Rudy does! Creating stylish, unique and satisfying products is our main goal. We’re also a small business and we like to keep it that way for even better customer service! With any questions or concerns, please email us at contact@rudystees.com